This website provides public information about the CleanCloth project, aiming at developing an antibacterial cloth based on microfibre. The project was initiated by the coordinating SME, Norwex Holding AS, and is funded by the funding scheme "Research for the benefit of SMEs" within the EU 7th Framework Programme.

Official start date of the project was December 1st , 2009. The duration of the project was originally 24 months but has been extended to 28 months, the project will end on March 31st, 2012.

Project Description

In the CleanCloth project, the aim is to develop a superior cleaning cloth with constant and continuous antibacterial effect, ensuring that no bacteria are left in the cloth and making bacterial re-growth impossible, eliminating the need for using special and time consuming hygiene procedures. This will be accomplished by a unique technology with antibacterial agent integrated into the microfiber of the cloth. The advances in this technology will allow significant reduction of cross contamination and bacterial re-growth.

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Project Results

CleanCloth Final Meeting

The Final Meeting of CleanCloth will be held on March 28th in Oslo at Teknologisk Institutt.

Project Management and Technical Meeting Vienna November 2011

A project management and technical meeting was held on November 17th in Vienna, Austria hosted by the project coordinator Norwex AS. Work performed and obtained results obtained were discussed.

Since this meeting was held, the first set of cloths have been produced and the second set is under production with expected delivery by end January/beginning February 2012. Laboratory testing and end-user trials will now commence.

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